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Sarah and the Russian experience

In Politics, US Elections on September 26, 2008 at 11:41 am

If you do believe you have more Foreign Policy experience than Sarah Palin, plus own a Facebook account, it is now time to announce this as a matter of fact. Despite a week full of political turmoil in Washington and the financial showplaces all around the world, POP (Picking On Palin) has never been more popular.  “I have more Foreign Policy experience than Sarah Palin” is just one example of a rapidly growing community of people in many social networks sites responding to remarkable statements from Palin on foreign policy this week in national TV.
Her appearance at CBS Evening News on 9/26/2008, asked by host Kathie Couric to explain what Palin meant by citing Alaska´s proximity to Russia as foreign policy experience, has potential to make it into the Hall Of Fame of this year´s political broadcasts. Earlier, her interview with ABC´s Charles Gibson not only left her scratch marks but will be remembered as a hard tackle and also as one of the interview highlights this season.  A sort of relief perhaps has been her appearance on Fox on 9/17/2008, interviewed softly by Sean Hannity. I wonder why. However — attention everybody in the blogosphere when Gov. Sarah Palin takes the mic and talks again about how Russia and Canada influenced her foreign policy experience.

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