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Polls suggest Obama increases lead

In Politics, US Elections on October 15, 2008 at 11:43 am

A Washington Post/ABC poll released today shows a significant lead for Barack Obama over John McCain, giving Obama a 10 points lead with 20 days left to the presidential election. Take a look at the poll results:

Alabama – McCain Leads
A SurveyUSA poll of likely Alabama taken October
8-9 for WKRG-TV shows McCain leading Obama 62%-35%.

California – Obama Leads
A Rasmussen Reports poll of likely California voters taken October 9
shows Obama leading McCain 56%-40%.

Colorado – Obama Leads
A Public Policy Polling poll of likely Colorado voters taken October 8-10 shows Obama leading McCain 52%-42%.

Delaware – Obama Leads
A West Chester University poll of likely Delaware voters taken October 6-8 shows Obama leading McCain 56%-38%.

Florida – Obama Leads
A Research 2000 poll of likely Florida voters taken October 6-8 for the Sun-Sentinel shows Obama leading McCain 49%-44%.

Iowa – Obama Leads
A SurveyUSA poll of likely Iowa voters taken October 8-9 shows Obama leading McCain 54%-41%.

Nevada – Obama Leads
A Las Vegas Review Journal poll of likely Nevada voters taken October 8-9 by Mason-Dixon shows Obama leading McCain 47%-45%.

North Carolina – McCain Leads
A WSOC-TV poll of likely North Carolina voters taken October 6-7 shows McCain leading Obama 48%-46%.

North Dakota – Obama Leads
A Fargo Forum/Public Affairs Institute at Minnesota State University Moorhead poll of likely North Dakota voters taken October 6-8 shows Obama leading McCain 45%-43%.

Ohio – McCain Leads
The Associated Press reports the Ohio Newspaper Poll of likely Ohio voters taken October 4-8 shows McCain leading Obama 48%-46%.


Candidates on TV – 21 days left!

In Politics, US Elections on October 13, 2008 at 3:47 pm

If you wish to gather candidates, VP candidates, and/or their traps and mistakes this week on TV, you´ll have every chance to do so. Starting off with the third and last presidential debate on Wednesday, Oct 15, 9pm ET or 5pm PT. As Barack Obama leads with comfortable 10 points in recent national polls, this Wednesday´s debate will provide the last chance for John McCain to convince an audience nation-wide and gain back lost territory. Although liberal and even republican comments in today´s New York Times suggest that this won´t happen, drawing historic comparisons. Bob Schieffer of CBS is moderating the debate, taking place at Hostra University in Long Island, NY.

The second must-watch is going to happen a day later. Thursday´s edition of The Letterman Show will – finally – be stage for John McCain, who opposed the host a month ago with canceling a scheduled appearance. Due to immediate handling of the financial crisis or the bad condition of the own campaign, this all might be true – but giving CBS´s colleague Katie Couric at the same time aroused good old Letterman, making him feel like an “ugly date“. Revenge to come on Thursday?

While Sarah Palin seems to take a break from recent talk show experiences, Joe Biden will make it to the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno“, also on this week´s Thursday.